Ron Davis Ron Davis, our Marketing Director, can now be reached at 216-244-0646. You may also e-mail Ron.

New Venues

We are seeking new venues to help us achieve our primary goal - to provide live traditional big band era music to the Northeastern Ohio area's senior audiences. The enthusiastic response to our music has been quite heart warming.


The band is available during the day and most weekday evenings. Just check our performance schedule to see if your date is open. Then e-mail our Marketing Director, Ron Davis, with your phone number and he will call you back and answer all your questions. Yes, that's the same Ron Davis that lends his marvelous vocal renditions to our CDs.

What Do You Get?

We bring the whole band - 18 musicians (including two singers) and our own sound system to your facility. If you don't have a piano, we will bring one. Don't worry about the volume, only the singers are miked.